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Amazon FBA Service
Amazon FBA Service

Amazon FBA Service

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Amazon Fullfillment


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is the name given to the service that solves sending your products to Amazon’s warehouse and delivering them to the end user from these warehouses as they sell.

You can send 1 or 1000 items to the Amazon warehouse. Generally, newly opened accounts have a product limit of 5000. As it sees you making sales, Amazon will increase this limit before you even need it.

For FBA, it doesn’t matter if your account is a company or individual account. All users can benefit from this service. Apart from this, the products you send must be entered on Amazon. For some products, FBA may impose restrictions or extra measures that the seller must take, you can find out by researching it yourself or by asking customer relations after you enter the product.

All responsibility belongs to the seller until the products reach the Amazon warehouse. Problems related to logistics, additional costs, customs issues, etc. Amazon is not interested. If the parcels will come out of a location in the USA, Amazon can print shipping labels from carriers such as UPS. You pay the UPS fee directly from your account to Amazon. This is to the seller’s advantage, as most people or companies can’t match Amazon’s prices from UPS and similar companies, so it costs less.

If the products are to be shipped from a place outside the USA, the logistics must be undertaken by the seller. You give the location to the carrier you have contracted with and send the tracking number to Amazon. The total price of the products you can send without paying customs duty in the USA should not exceed $ 800. It is possible not to be caught by customs controls for your shipments up to $800. For products up to this amount, shipping to FBA with an express service such as UPS, DHL and FedEx may make more sense.

You must create an FBA Shipment Order before shipping items for FBA. In this order, you need to enter the number of parcels, the contents and dimensions of the parcel. Amazon will tell you the address of the Amazon warehouse you will send according to the product you will sell. This address will usually be the Amazon warehouse closest to the regions where the product will “predictably” sell the best. I gave all the examples in America, but you can benefit from FBA in many countries such as Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, and here in other continents such as Europe.

After the products reach our Amazon warehouse, all products will be counted one by one, labeled if necessary, products that are not in a condition for sale will be sorted and then ready for sale as Fulfilled by Amazon. There is nothing you need to do in this process.

After the sale arrives, Amazon will pack the products and ship them to any location in the United States. Amazon undertakes all customer communication and return processes regarding shipping. You pay Amazon the standard product sales commission, storage costs, shipping costs, and labeling. From the link below, you can estimate how much you will incur if you sell a product with FBA.


If you don’t have a product on Amazon, you can calculate by entering the ID of any product here.

After the products enter the Amazon warehouse, cargo will be sent to your customer daily as you receive orders. Income after expenses are deducted will also be added to your account. One advantage of Amazon handling the shipping is that you pay the same amount to each region in the United States. If you have a lot of sales to regions far from the warehouse location, you can save a lot.

Another nice feature of FBA is that you can create a shipping order even if you do not receive your orders via Amazon. If you made the sale from 3rd party marketplaces such as ebay, jet, etsy or from your own website, you can still have the shipping service done by Amazon. You do not pay any extra sales commission to Amazon for this. By paying the shipping, storage and warehouse labor costs, you provide shipping with FBA. Charges are deducted from your account again.

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