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What is Amazon Intermediate Warehouse?


Amazon, which is one of the platforms that is widely used around the world and has a great importance among e-commerce sales sites, is also one of the e-commerce sites with high satisfaction. Thousands of vendors deliver different product types to the whole world through Amazon’s interim warehouse on this site, where products with a wide range of products are sold.


What is DropShipping?


In this site, which provides a professional sales experience to individuals with its constantly renewed interface and features, you can sell products with stock as well as non-stock products. Thanks to this method called Dripshipping, you do not need to keep the product stock after you upload the product to your site.

You can supply the product online on a different site that you find suitable and deliver it to the seller. Dropshipping is a sales method used in many sites around the world, especially Amazon. Acting according to Amazon sales policies to be able to sell without stock on Amazon is effective in getting efficiency from your sales. Sellers selling with the dropshipping method do not hold the product they sell. The product sold is directed by the supplier of the product to the address of the person who bought the product, together with the seller’s company and information.

Importance of Buffer Warehouse in Dropshipping

The product supplied in this process is delivered to the buyer after some transactions made in international warehouses known as Amazon interim warehouses. The intermediate warehouse is a must for a successful dropshipping method. In order to show that the product is robust and usable, the products that pass the quality control are delivered to the buyer in full. A number of contracts and sanctions are applied between the seller supplying the product and Amazon.

The interim warehouse has many advantages that contribute to the functioning of the e-commerce system. These advantages are of great importance for the sustainability of the business. The products stored in the intermediate warehouse and intended to be sent to Amazon or the buyer are labeled and packaged in accordance with the standards and conditions determined by Amazon. The order information of the products ready for shipment is sent to the seller by Amazon.

What are the Advantages of the Interim Warehouse to the Users?

Whether stocked or unstocked, an intermediate warehouse is needed for each sales transaction made on Amazon. The Amazon interim warehouse system, which is preferred in order to completely meet the storage need arising from product sales, to follow up the products sold and manage the sales process well, is also frequently preferred because of the opportunities and advantages it provides to individuals.

Amazon intermediate warehouse also offers unlimited service and uninterrupted logistics support to its users. It is possible to store the products you will sell in warehouses other than Amazon. Finding a warehouse that meets Amazon’s conditions will help make your job easier in this process. The tracking process of all products sent from Amazon intermediate warehouses is managed by Amazon. Due to this feature and the trust, it gives its users, the demand for Amazon intermediate warehouses continues to increase daily.

In addition to logistical support, it offers:

professional storage,
Monitoring of product stocks,
Providing support at many different points, such as the cargo information process and customer satisfaction, Amazon intermediate warehouse helps to meet the rapidly growing and increasing demands in the e-commerce sector.

While this puts the seller in an effortless and risk-free process, it is also effective for buyers who buy the product to have a successful shopping experience. As it is known, there are some responsibilities imposed on the seller by selling on a voluminous trading site. Born with a high product orientation:

Stock requirement,
Insufficient stocks,
It may cause incomplete fulfillment of the customer’s demand.

The Amazon interim warehouse, which minimizes the stock shortage caused by excessive demand, also alleviates your workload and makes your sales more stress-free.

Why Use an Intermediate Warehouse When Selling on Amazon?

Since Amazon is a platform with a high sales potential and opened to the whole world, sales and order transactions on this platform are also carried out taking into account some guidelines and conditions. In the dropshipping method, the product sold does not reach the buyer’s hand directly. Intermediate warehouses, which contribute a lot to this process, ensure both the safe protection of the product and better management of the ordering process.

Since the information and labels belonging to the seller who sent the product are on the product, this may adversely affect the dropshipping seller. The product, whose quality control is done by changing the labels and packages in the intermediate warehouse, is sent based on the information of the dropshipping seller.

Amazon’s interim warehouse is, in a way, a platform where products ordered from Amazon are safely stored. These products are protected 24/7 against some negativities that may occur during the order. Regardless of individual or bulk purchase, all kinds of orders are protected by showing maximum performance and packaged to be delivered to the buyer.

Although the cost of keeping the warehouse and storing the products in the warehouses varies from warehouse to warehouse, a certain amount is paid for the warehouse holding process. Amazon interim warehouse fees also vary according to long-term and short-term storage types. A monthly fee is required for shipments with a storage period exceeding 365 days. This amount varies according to the size and volume of the stored product; You will be notified by Amazon when you will store it.

The service provided to the customers is at the maximum level and the desired products are delivered to the buyer quickly.

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