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E-Commerce Logistics



All of your shipments are delivered to the door of your recipients in Europe. You can track your shipments online and get instant delivery information.


Return and Cancellation Processes


Your return processes are managed in our European Center and presented to you as alternative solutions.

Your Return Packages can be returned by reporting.
Once the problem with the customer is resolved, it can be sent for distribution again.
You can make Mass Sales for your return shipments on your site, and deliver them directly from our warehouse to a new customer.
Your alternative solutions can be evaluated.

On Time Delivery


We have daily deliveries to Europe.

Your shipments are delivered to the whole of Europe within the specified time periods. You can track all of your shipments online on our website and get instant delivery details.

According to your requests, weekly or monthly delivery reports are sent to you.

Address change 

Address change in case of a request while your shipments are on the way

You can deliver to a different address.

Problematic Shipments

For your undeliverable shipments, you can benefit from the services that can be applied to your shipments with “return and Cancellation”.

Other Solutions


By evaluating your other demands, we will offer you alternative solutions.

for your requests other than our services listed below.

please contact us.

Other Services


Economy Express Package Delivery

Overseas Stocked Package Distribution and Logistics Services

Domestic Stock Package Distribution and Logistics Services

Express Package Distribution

Overseas Online Customs Solutions

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