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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

ETD has been providing turnkey solutions and services to its customers equipped with experienced and well-equipped professional personnel in the Logistics and International Transport sector for many years.

Our aim is to provide the service that our customers need in the field of E-Commerce from a single source with the most suitable conditions and costs. Our basic principle is to provide timely delivery and necessary information flow by creating a bridge between the customer and the E-Commerce company.

We provide logistics services to the whole world.

We should state that we are the only e-commerce logistics company that has its own service in air transportation in Turkey and we have the best price guarantee. We can state that we can find solutions to all problems related to e-commerce, customs clearance and logistics operations.

By talking about our expertise in logistics, let’s say that we are also professional about amazon systems and operations, and we can provide solutions to all problems.

Headquartered in Istanbul, our company has warehouses in Cologne, Germany and Florida, USA.

A: The factor that determines the cost of your shipment abroad is the place on the plane, rather than the actual weight of the package you send. For this reason, the volumetric weight of your shipment should be calculated in addition to its weight. By comparing the actual weight of your shipment with the Volumetric Weight, the higher value will be used for pricing.

In order to calculate the volumetric weight (DESI), you need to have the Length, Depth and Height measurements of your pack. You can calculate the volumetric weight with the formula Length (cm) X Height (cm) X Depth (cm) / 5000.

When entering the information about your shipment, you must enter the width, height and height of your package in cm along with the weight of your package.

Since the most important factor affecting the International Cargo Shipment Cost is the volumetric weight and the space your package will occupy on the plane, your International Cargo Cost will increase at the same rate as the package dimensions increase.

When you send a 1 kg product to abroad in a 30x30x30 box, you will be charged 5.4 kg due to volumetric weight (DESI).

Do not forget that you will get a price advantage if you prepare the dimensions of your parcel as small as possible for your shipments abroad.

There are some limitations for Express Express Cargo Shipments that you will make abroad. Three different limitations apply: weight, volumetric weight and dimensions of the shipment.

With Express Cargo to Europe, your parcels can weigh a maximum of 70 kg. But its actual weight is 30 kg. Extra charges will be incurred for shipments passed. Considering that a person can carry these packages, 30 kg. Take care not to exceed its weight.

Take care that the packages you will prepare for Fast Shipping abroad do not exceed the dimensions of 120 cm X 80 cm X 80 cm. These dimensions are considered as the maximum portable box dimensions. As a single length, extra pricing is made for shipments longer than 120 cm. When preparing your packages, you should prepare them so that they do not exceed 120 cm in length.

You can get information about your box dimensions by contacting our customer service team for any questions you may have.

When preparing your shipment abroad, pay attention to the packaging of your parcel.

Wrapping the fragile items in a bubble bag (patpat) will protect them from breaking in case of shock and impact that may occur during transportation. If you are sending more than one item or product, wrapping them separately will prevent them from hitting each other and breaking.
Using a quality box (Double Corrugated) that has not been used before will prevent deformation in the loads that may occur during transportation. Since the standard boxes that have been used before and that you can obtain from your environment will generally be single corrugated boxes, in case of a load on them, they may deform and cause damage to your shipment abroad.
Filling the gaps in the box with packaging materials such as foam, cardboard and cushioning will protect the materials you send abroad against impacts that may come from outside.
We recommend using good quality duct tape. Because cheap duct tapes will not hold enough, it may cause your arm to open. In addition, our tape on the sides, not the top cover of your arm, will prevent your arm from opening or exploding.

You can send your fragile cargo to abroad with us. But the important point here is that the packaging is done accordingly. Cargo companies have the right not to carry and reject fragile products that are not properly packaged. In addition, even if they agree to carry materials such as glass and porcelain, they can exclude them from insurance.

If your products are packed in a suitable and sound manner and are suitable for transportation, they can be transported together with other international cargoes.

You must first prepare a Proforma Invoice for the non-documentary cargo you will send abroad. In short, the Proforma Invoice is the declaration containing the sender and receiver information, in which all the products and prices in the parcel are written. This document will be reviewed by the customs officials of the country you are sending to and will be used to calculate customs duty. If the Proforma Invoice is declared incompletely, there may be a problem at the customs of the receiving country.

In line with the information you provide, we prepare it on your behalf and send a copy to your e-mail address.

It is a document issued by companies engaged in International Express (Airplane) Cargo Transport and showing that the packages have been received for transportation. It contains the contact information of the Sender and the Recipient and proves that the shipment was made on your behalf.

With your bill of lading number, you can instantly track the stages of your cargo.

It is the declaration you make in writing to the customs of the recipient country, which should be prepared for international shipments made out of paperwork, including the item and item price information of the content of your shipment. It does not replace the actual invoice, this declaration is accepted by the customs authorities of the receiving country and customs tax is calculated in line with the information and prices written on it.

If you do not fully declare the content of your cargo on the Proforma Invoice or if you report a different price, the customs authorities may request you to update your declaration, or they may calculate the customs tax over standard market values. If your shipment contains a no-fly, customs-unaccepted product that you did not declare on the proforma invoice, your shipment may be destroyed and you may be charged an additional fee for this destruction.

Especially food products that are not in their original packaging are not accepted by customs of many countries if they do not have a food certificate. For your food and similar shipments, please contact Swiss Transport Transport customer service in advance and get information.


Antiques (delicate and/or breakable)
Precious metals as bullion
Cash Money
Firearms and their parts and ammunition
Hazardous or flammable substances (determined by IATA Regulation)
Human body parts or ashes
Jewellery, precious metals and gemstones
Narcotic substances (illegal)

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